New members are very welcome at Taunton Deane Croquet Club and we understand that you may wish to ‘try us out’ before committing yourself. Your options are –

         -to come as a VISITOR. Please contact the Secretary, details below, and she will arrange for someone
         to meet you at the lawns, to either introduce you to the game, if you are a beginner, or to play a game with you
                 Visitors fee = £5.00 per session, with a maximum of 3 visits
         -take out PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP. Provisional membership gives you two months of play during which
         time you will be shown all the equipment and how to set up lawns, be given regular coaching sessions and
         have games arranged for you, to help you begin to integrate into the club.
         Provisional membership is also offered to established players who wish to assess the club.
         You will not be given free access to the lawns.
                 Provisional Membership = £30.00 for two months
                 (available from April to August)
         -take out FULL MEMBERSHIP. Beginners will again be shown all the equipment and how to set up lawns,
         be given regular coaching and games to integrate you into the club. You will also be given the full
         access to the lawns, making it easy to book times and come and practise when you wish.
         Experienced players will have full access to the lawns and will be helped to integrate into the club.
         Only Full members are eligible for team selection.
                 Full Membership = £160.00 per annum commencing April.
         ( Visitor's fees and Provisional Membership fees are deductible from this.)
Tips if you are new to croquet-
Wear flat shoes, most trainers are okay –but not open-toed sandals.
Whites are worn for matches but are not necessary for club play
Wear appropriate clothing for weather and bring waterproofs or sun protection.
Mallets are available for your use.

Please contact –
Club Secretary Beverley Tapper – 01823 971262 or email