Matches for the 2023 Summer Season

We have 9 teams entered in the South West Inter-club Leagues
for the 2023 Summer Season.
One Advanced team, two Association teams, three Short Croquet teams and three Golf Croquet teams
All Full members are eligible to play for the club but some leagues
have restrictions on the handicaps allowed.

Advanced Team (Parkstone Trophy, Div. 1)
Capt: Tim Jolliff
[No handicap limits]

Federation Team
(Capt: Dave Pennack)
[Handicaps 14 or less, plus one 16/18]

Intermediate Team
(Capt: Sue Baker)
[Handicaps 9 to 18, plus one 20/22]

Short Croquet Open Team A
(Capt: Martin Wicks)

Short Croquet Open Team B
(Capt: Anthony Myers)

Short Croquet Restricted Team
(Capt: Lorne Loxterkamp)
[Half of games must be by handicaps 6+]

Level Play Golf Team
(Capt: Stephen Custance-Baker)
[No handicap limits]

Handicap Golf Team
(Capt: Sue Custance-Baker)
[Handicaps 10 or less, plus one 11/12]

High Handicap Golf Team
(Capt: Christine Jones)
[Handicaps 8 and above]