Exploiting Joined-Up Balls

If the opponent has taken the risk of joining up then you should make the most of the opportunity.

Start by asking the questions:
• Are they near your hoop?
• If they are too far for a confident roquet then have you any bisques left?
• Will you want to leave one where they are or do you need to move both?

Plan the first roquet and croquet and also plan the second rush, croquet and continuation before you play the first shot.

• Decide where you want BOTH balls to finish before roqueting the first.
• If they are not close to the boundary then roquet the first into a position that will
give you space for the croquet shot. i.e. space to drive the first ball to its required
position (pivot, pioneer etc) while you finish in the right place to rush the second.
• If the initial roquet is long and a miss would leave you out of position,
plan to use a bisque and use your first shot to get into the right place.