GC Coaching Pods

June 2017
"How to use Extra Turns"

August 2017
"Making the Most of a Hoop"

Planned for July 2018:
"Five-Shot Thinking"

Planned for later in 2018:
"Shoot, Clear or Block?"

If your GC handicap is 10 or below and you
would like to improve your GC tactical thinking
then email GCPods@TauntonCroquet.org
with your name, club and GC handicap.

Beginners Course

Lawn layout, hoop order, starting, scoring and finishing.
Stance, grip, swing, follow-through, stalking.
Hoop approach, hoop shots.
Basic rules and common faults.
Handicaps, extra turns.
Basic GC shots.
Etiquette and behaviour do's and don'ts.
Tactical planning and partner play.

Intermediate Course

Using extra turns.
Using the half-way rule.
Jump shots.
Angled hoops.
The Wrong Ball rules.
Making the most of a hoop.
Rush shots and cut-rushes.

Advanced Course

Playing against extra turns.
Position selection.
Finishing off.
Angled hoops.
Advanced rush shots.
Obstruction shots.
In-off shots.
Judging shot strength.
Hampered shots.
Ricochet shots.

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